03Nov Synod preparatory document is now available to all

The Leadership Team of the ACP share the latest document from the Vatican, in preparation for the Synod on the F amily to be held in 2014. This contains a questionnaire that is meant to be widely circulated.  The principal document, the Lineamenta, which includes the questionnaire, is now available as a PDF file on the Dublin diocesan website

03Nov Presider’s Page for Sun. 3 November (31st Sunday)

Zacchaeus is the star of today’s Gospel, the man who has been called ‘everybody’s favourite underdog’. Zacchaeus took Jesus at his word and changed his life. We worship God, whose mercy for all people never fails.

03Nov Tablet Rome correspondent to speak at Dublin meeting

Robert Mickens, the Vatican correspondent of the Tablet, will speak at an event, jointly sponsored by the ACP and the ACI. He will speak about Pope Francis, and the possibility of renewal and reform in the Church under his papacy.