12Dec The Church never treats women as fully independent adults

Joan Chittester reacts to Pope Francis' committment to develop "a profound theology of the woman", asking what contributiom women will be allowed to make to this. (Article comprises remarks made at a conference aiming to give a snapshot view of Pope Francis and the challenges he faces: first published in the NCR on 11 December 2013 — see www.ncronline.org.)

12Dec Mix of fact and fiction in ‘Philomena’ takes from its impact

Brendan Hoban reviews the movie 'Philomena', currently on general release. He believes it didn’t need to add fictional elements to present the facts as unacceptable and inhumane (first published in this week's Western People).

12Dec Mass Calendar, Month by Month

Mass Readings for December 2013

12Dec 12th December. Thursday in the 2nd Week of Advent

The baptist's question to Jesus