29Dec Presider’s Page for The Holy Family

Opening Comment (for the Presider)

The Holy Family is the focus on the first Sunday after Christmas, so we honour Jesus, Mary and Joseph today. We worship God who shared the life of the human family, and thank God for all the gifts we continue to receive in each other.

Penitential Rite Let us be thankful for the love in our families — and recall our own failure to show love: (pause) I confess …


Introduction to the Scripture Readings (for Ministers of the Word)

Ecclesiasticus 3:2-6, 12-14 — Those who look after their elderly or frail parents will be rewarded.

Colossians 3:12-21* — Family life works when people live in harmony. (*Last paragraph may be omitted — verses 18-21.)

Matthew 2:13-15, 19-23 — Describes the early family life of Jesus, from his exile in Egypt to his childhood in Nazareth.



Introduction (by the Presider) Let us bring our prayers to God, who showers blessings upon all his sons and daughters.

  1. For the members of the Christian family, that they may have joy and peace throughout the Christmas celebration (pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us.
  2. For the families of this community, that members may learn to give way to each other in tolerance and respect (pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us.
  3. For families where there is hurt and difficulty, that those who have suffered may find healing (pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us.
  4. For families which live with illness and frailty, that those called to be carers may be filled with gentleness and patience (pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us.
  5. For the members of our families who have died, and for all those we knew who died during 2013, whom we remember now: (pause for silent prayer). That the light of heaven may be theirs. Lord, hear us.
  6. For our own needs … (long pause for silent prayer). Lord, hear us.

Conclusion (by the Presider) O God, your care for your family is constant: hear the prayers we make, in faith and trust, through Christ our Lord. Amen.

SONGS AT MASS (for Ministers of Music): Christmas Carols, ‘My Soul Is Longing For Your Peace’, ‘Lord of All Hopefulness’.



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