24Jan Dublin priests’ responses to the Murphy Report are published

A survey of priests serving in the diocese of Dublin was carried out by Alan Hilliard, chaplain at DIT, last year, in relation to their experience around the time of the publication of the Murphy Report on handling of allegations of sexual abuse. The Report was released in November 2009. Among voices heard of all those affected by the Murphy Report, little so far has been voiced by the priests serving in the diocese. The survey is entitled “A Window on Murphy’…the Perspective of Clergy of the Archdiocese of Dublin.”

The survey was carried out on line and by mail. Of 477 diocesan and religious priests serving in the diocese, 97 responded. This is a good level of response for this type of survey. The responses by age group also represent reasonably closely the actual age-grouping in the diocese.

The first publication from the data that was submitted to the questionnaire is now available to download here.



An edited version of these findings will be published in the next edition of STUDIES along with a number of other papers representing various perspectives on the Murphy Report.