18Jan Tony Flannery embarks on a lecture tour of Ireland

After almost two years out of ministry, and at the age of 67, I have decided not to wait around for the Vatican (and in particular the CDF) to change its mind. Informed sources tell me that is very unlikely, despite everything Pope Francis is saying.

I still care greatly about the Church, and wish that it could communicate the Gospel message more effectively to the modern world.

So I have decided to embark on a series of talks on church reform.  I am deliberately staying away from Church premises, so as not to cause embarrassment to anyone.

In my talks I hope to give some historical background to the main problems we are facing in the Church today, and then attempt to point some of the ways forward — many of them already being spoken by Pope Francis.

My immediate schedule is as follows:

Wednesday, January 22nd:  Clayton Hotel, Galway:  8.00 pm

Thursday,  January 23rd:   Primary Care Centre, Athenry:  8.00 pm

Wednesday, January 29th:  Welcome Inn, Castelbar:  8.00 pm

Wednesday, February 5th:  South Court Hotel, Limerick:  8.00 pm.

Later in February I am scheduled to give some talks in London.  During March and April I hope to have more talks around Ireland.  If any group or individuals would be interested in organising such an event, please give me a ring at 087 681 4699

Tony Flannery

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  1. Maire

    What great news. Once again Tony you are proving to be a true minister of the Gospel. As Jesus trod from place to place to be with and meet people where they were, in fields, at fountains, at grave sides,at markets, so now may He bless you and your work as you try to bring Him and His Church to to His people.

  2. maureen mulvaney

    Tony, what an excellent idea! Good luck on that and I know your lectures will inspire all. Hopefully you will schedule some in Dublin! Looking forward to hearing your inspiring thoughts on Church Reform.

  3. Margaret Trench

    I truly hope those meetings help to create a place where people can listen and speak with an openness of heart and mind. Hope to meet you at one if planned for Dublin.
    Glad to see you are still finding a space to build God’s Kingdom.
    A true missionary!!

  4. Kay Mcginty

    The very best of luck, Tony. May God continue to give you strength as you embark on this road. You are truly inspirational, and we hope to hear you speak at a later date in Dublin.

  5. Catherine Reid

    Good luck, Tony.
    Looking forward to seeing and hearing you in Dublin

  6. Colm Holmes

    This is excellent news, Tony! You are definitely a prophet and the good news will be heard! Looking forward to hearing you speak in Dublin! The truth will set you free.

  7. Nick

    Please consider making a stop in liverpool ! I can arrange a venue !

  8. Clare Stassen

    Dear Tony
    I am delighted to hear that you have the energy and motivation to undertake a series of lectures. I look forward to hearing of your Dublin venue.

    The very best of luck to you. You are an inspiration.
    Thank you

  9. Con Devree

    On a lighter note: is this a prelude to the new one-man-show spot in Rome?

  10. Mark

    I have followed you on this site, Father Flannery, since the beginning of 2012, and I am delighted by your courageous decision to speak publicly of the need for reform in the Irish Catholic Church. Your diligent and passionate belief in the Spiritual welbeing of Ireland gives hope to prodigals like myself that we might one day return to Ireland with some sense of belonging – something that was riven from us when we left home as young people, with a sense of frustration and resentment toward the Church that drove us away.

    With respect, and best wishes in your endeavours


  11. Darlene Starrs

    Tony Flannery is embarking on a course which necessarily supports the rejuvenation of the Church. Reform of Church structures is a vital work. Reform, renewal, rejuvenation…whatever words are descriptive of change must accompany the greatest work and that is conversion. Pope Francis continually points to and emphasizes the need for the Church and the world to embrace the person and message of Jesus Christ. Yes, Francis also wants church structures to change, but he knows….real, substantive change comes with conversion. (And to that end, it ought to be the knowledge of scriptures that has priority from our earliest days on earth to our last days.)

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