20Feb 20th February. Thursday, Week Six

Against favouritism

19Feb Japan’s bishops respond to Synod survey

Pádraig McCarthy presents the Catholic bishops of Japan's description of their particular situation in their responses to the Synod survey.

19Feb 19th February. Wednesday, Week Six

Maturing by Stages

18Feb 18th February. Tuesday, Week Six

Practical ethics and the meaning of things

17Feb 17th February. Monday, Week Six

The kind of faith that saves

16Feb Presider’s Page for Ordinary Time 6 (Sun 16 Feb)

The Gospel of Christ is challenging. Today's readings ask for decisions, while encouraging us to choose the right path. We gather to worship God, who can help us in all our choices.

16Feb 16th February. Sixth Sunday of Ordinary Time

New standards for living

15Feb ACP leadership to meet diocesan reps

The ACP Leadership Team announces a meeting between them and  representatives of each diocese on Tuesday, February 25th at 2.30pm in the Hodson Bay Hotel.

15Feb Pope Francis addresses engaged couples on St Valentine’s Day

Padraig McCarthy reports Pope Francis' words to engaged couples on St Valentine's Day. (The talk was in Italian and was published on the Vatican website: this is an unofficial translation.)

15Feb 15th February. Saturday, Week Five

A king, Sentenced and Reprieved

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