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Some Homily Resources for Lent, online.

Many of us find it necessary to speak or preach at Mass more often during Lent than at most other times of the year. Apart from this ACP site, various other websites currently offer useful homiletic material based on the Mass-readings, both for Sundays and weekdays. Prominent among them here in Ireland would be the following three:

  • TARSUS: This website (Tarsus) maintained by Fr. Kieran O’Mahony, OSA, includes scholarly notes on the readings, in a sprightly tone, along with features such as “Praying the Word” (guided “Lectio Divina” or “Sacred Reading”) and “Reader’s Guide” (aimed at helping liturgical readers to prepare the material in the optimum way.)
  • SACRED SPACE: Since 1999 the Sacred Space website, a service of the Irish Jesuits, has given us a prayer for each day, plus “Something to think and pray about this week.” Under the sub-section “LivingSpace” It also offers some nice, reflective commentary on the daily Mass-readings, a more extensive homiletic background than the two or three paragraphs we provide daily on the ACP site. Use of this site is free, though it invites donations to support it.
  • FR. TOMMY LANE: His website has a homily for every Sunday, along with some very useful resources for funerals, weddings and special sacramental ceremonies.

A google search for “catholic homilies” (i.e. homilies based on the Roman Lectionary) will surface many useful collections, such as the lively site “Light a Candle” by Munachi Ezeogu CSSp, or the Catholic Sermons listing of websites offering Sunday homilies. Among the best of them are the Indian Bishops Conference (very practical sermon illustrations, though in sometimes quaint English), the reflections on the Creighton University site, the U.S. Dominican site Preacher Exchange, with its daily “homilettes” and the Doctrinal Homily Outlines, by Kevin Aldrich. It’s good to see that the Priestly Reflections site also commends our own homiletic section in the Association of Catholic Priests. How encouraging it would be if the Irish Catholic bishops were to do the same. Two other sites worthy of note are:

  • E-PRIEST: The American website e-priest has quite a good homily resource service, week by week. However, to avail of it you must sign up for a Clergy Account, and you’ll be invited to
    to make a recurring donation of $12 per year. Should you choose the alternative option “I’d prefer not to donate at this time” your access to the site will be severely restricted.
  • USCCB: The United States Conference of Catholic Bishops website (USCCB) provides the Mass readings for each day (in the New American Bible version), under their Calendar feature. They also give a general introduction to Lent, Advent, Funeral liturgies, etc., under Liturgical Resources.

I’m glad to say that the Daily Word app, using the Sunday and Weekday resources from the ACP website, is now available for free download on both the Android and iPhone platforms. To install the app, please click here (android version) … or here for the iPhone version. Please install the app, and then suggest what changes in it would improve its usefulness in your parish situation.

Pat Rogers cp

4 Responses

  1. Fr Patrick McCafferty

    Don’t need your help, thanks all the same. Well able to break the Word every day at Mass during Lent; and on all the other days of the year too.

  2. Eddie Finnegan

    Fr Patrick McCafferty, at a guess I would say that Fr Pat Rogers’ regular three-year old section of homily suggestions is not aimed at perfect priests or perfect homilists. Probably the intended readership would be more that busy blend of saints&sinners who know, like Fr Jorge Bergoglio, that it’s just kind and courteous to their congregations to seek inspiration and improvement in breaking the Word wherever they can find it. Great to hear that your own congregation is so well served. Have a happy and holy Sunday!

  3. roy donovan

    Thanks Pat, for all the continuous effort and great inspiration. I miss it (the odd time) when it is not there.

  4. Patrick Cully C.S.Sp.

    Many, many thanks for all the information. It’s great to have such resources available.

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