31May 31st May. The Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary

Rejoicing in God our Saviour

30May Friday in Week 6 of Easter

The providence that guides our lives

29May 29th May. Thursday in Week 6 of Easter

Among the unsophisticated

28May Statement of the Austrian Pastors’ Intitiative on the Excommunication of Martha and Gert Heizer

This decision is a fatal signal for all who are hoping, together with Pope Francis, for a kind Church that is close to the people.

28May 28th May. Wednesday in Week 6 of Easter

Coming to know the unknown God

27May 27th May. Tuesday in Week 6 of Easter

Positive outcome of a crisis

26May Mulling over Mary Kenny’s new book, Something of Myself and Others

Brendan Hoban offers his thoughts, in his weekly Western People column, on Mary Kenny's 'Something of Myself and Others'. He says it is an entertaining and worthwhile read, surely the best insight there is into the life of the carer. Kenny dissects compellingly, in this brutally honest memoir, the lived experience of a carer’s life.

26May 26th May. Monday in Week 6 of Easter

The first European Christians

25May Presider’s Page for 6th Sun. Easter (25 May)

Each Sunday in Easter time, we celebrate the gifts we have received in Baptism and Confirmation. We rejoice that the Spirit is our Advocate, who continues to support us in the difficulties of life.

25May 25th May. Sixth Sunday of Easter

Maintaining our sense of the sacred