24May The sudden death of All Hallows

Seamus Ahearne is saddened at the loss of All Hallows. He says "The Church in Ireland; the Church in Dublin will become less hospitable (less warm and open) at the death of such a homely place. We cannot afford the loss of someone so dear. Can something else be done?"

24May 24th May. Saturday in Week 5 of Easter

Moving on "through thick and thin"

23May Head of ‘We Are Church’ in Austria excommunicated by Pope Francis

Abigail Frymann, Christa Pongratz-Lippitt writing in The Tablet report on the excommunication of Martha Heizer, the leader of 'We are Church' in Austria.

23May 23rd May. Friday in Week 5 of Easter

How Compromise promotes Community

22May Irish Hierarchy being remade in image of Pope Benedict

Kevin Hegarty, writing in The Mayo News, in the light of recent additions to the Irish episcopal bench raises the topic of the appointment of bishops. Who should do the appointing?

22May 22nd May. Thursday in Week 5 of Easter

Making space for religious enthusiasm

21May 21st May. Wednesday in Week 5 of Easter

Why circumcision was abandoned

20May 20th May. Tuesday in Week 5 of Easter

Following our Leader

19May 19th May. Monday in Week 5 of Easter

With the Holy Spirit guiding us

18May Presider’s Page for 5th Sun. Easter (18 May)

Today’s liturgy puts the life-giving words of Jesus before us. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, the one in whom we can place all our trust. Because we believe these things, we gather to praise God.

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