25Jun Clogher ACP

Report of recent Clogher meeting:
"We must ask ourselves in all honesty if we are able to work effectively with people, because Priesthood of the future will be relational."

25Jun 25th June. Wednesday in the 12th Week

The sound, well-tested tree

24Jun ‘Irish Catholic Catechism for Adults’ and ‘the Fall’

Sean O Conaill, http://www.seanoconaill.com, states he is totally baffled by the apparent interpretation of some of the 'Fall' passages in Genesis as literal history in the recently published 'Irish Catholic Catechism For Adults'.

24Jun 24th June. The Birth of John the Baptist

1) Isaiah 49:1-6

(The Lord called me before I was born; in my mother’s womb he named me.)

Listen to me, O coastlands, pay attention, you peoples from far away! The Lord called me before I was born, while I …

23Jun Denial is not an option for bishops

Brendan Hoban, writing in the Western People, suggests that the prospect of attracting sufficient male celibate vocations is so remote and that the implications of the crisis so far-reaching that "Doing nothing is not just irresponsible but a counsel of despair. Denial is no longer an option."

23Jun 23rd June. Monday in the 12th Week

Learning Humility from Experience

22Jun Presider’s Page for Corpus Christi (22 June)

Today’s liturgy invites us to reflect on God’s care for the family of faith, especially through the gift of divine nourishment on our pilgrimage through life.

22Jun 22nd June (Sunday). The Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ

His Real Presence Among US

21Jun 21st June. Saturday in the 11th Week 

Forgot the base degrees by which he did ascend

20Jun 20th June.  The Irish Martyrs.

These were dozens of Irish people who were killed for their Catholic faith between 1537 and 1714 in Ireland. Their names include Oliver Plunkett, John Carey, Patrick Salmon, Charles Meehan, Margaret Bermingham Ball, Patrick Cavanagh, Dominic Collins, Francis Taylor, William …

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