05Jun Results of Survey of Irish Priests on the New Missal

This study has been commissioned by the ACP in order to ascertain the views of Irish clergy regarding the New Missal, introduced in November 2011.

» Download the New Missal Survey Results here

7 Responses

  1. Breeda Geary

    Its great that church matters are being discussed nationally and we get to hear about them.
    However I’m not qualified to give an opinion on the merits or otherwise of the new missal.but I look forward to discussions on womens role in the church.

  2. Michael Nolan

    I am very pleased to hear that, at long last, the Bishops agreed to meet with ACP, even though from reading the report, it appears as if they contributed little to it, hopefully they had decided to listen and take note.
    It just strikes me as extraordinary that such a relationship should exist, what other group could function where there is such a gap between the people on the ground and the “executive”!
    Lets wait and see what the official response from the Bishops – and Rome- will be.

  3. sean mcelgunn

    I am not at all happy with the new missal, for the reasons cited, and for some of my own concerning the uncouth language, lack of correct idiom, etc.
    With regard to the growing shortage of priests: – Good; a small step in the right direction. I am still able and willing to help out in any way I can, if requested.
    sean mcelgunn

  4. Michael A Kavanagh

    Regarding revision of the missal, is it not a cause of wonder if not concern, that the Mass, the central communal celebration of Faith, does not contain the word Love? The commands of Christ that we Love God AND Love our Neighbour do not appear in the Creed, our basic belief declaration nor in the Ordinary of the Mass.

    Is it possible that this may to some degree facilitate separation of devotion and the daily Loving demanded by Christ thus allowing us to negotiate the issues of life by doctrine rather than Christ-like concern.

    Perhaps future revisions of the missal might address this omission. Dare we hope even prioritise the commandment to love

  5. Joe O'Leary

    The word “love” occurs in all four Eucharistic Prayers: http://www.ourcatholicfaith.org/mass/eucharisticprayers.html

    Sometimes in the new translation it may be replaced by “charity.”

  6. Michael A Kavanagh

    Thank you Joe. I stand corrected regarding the word “Love”.

    I hope my clumsiness has not obscured my basic observation, namely, that Christ’s commandment to love our neighbour is not mentioned in our creed or Mass.

    My concern is that this omission may, inadvertantly, lead to a diminution of its obligations in our thoughts, words, deeds and judgements.

  7. Joe O'Leary

    The commandment to “love one another as I have loved you” John 13:34 is close to “he always loved those who were his own in the world” in EP IV, quoting John 13:1.

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