31Jul 31st July. Thursday, Week 17.

New Beginnings

30Jul Editorial: Obstacles riddle synod on the family’s path

NCR editorial on the forthcoming Synod on the Family. Will it be something new or more of the same ?

30Jul 30th July. Wednesday, Week 17.

Ready for Radical Choices?

29Jul 29th of July (Tuesday) Feast of St Martha.

Martha's rugged faith

28Jul Presiders pages for August Sundays published

Pages for presiders (including bidding prayers for the Sundays and holydays of August) have now been published on the ACP website.

28Jul The Anglican communion has done a great service to the Catholic Church by ordaining women as priest and bishops.

Brendan Hoban in the Western People reflects on the decision of the Anglican communion to ordain women as bishops. He concludes that change will have to come in the Catholic Church as well , whether we like it or not. It will be measured and careful, but it will come because it has to come because the Catholic Church has to face the inevitable truth that the Eucharist is more important than celibacy.

28Jul 28th July. Monday, Week 17.

Despite our sins, we will receive mercy

27Jul Ordinary Time, 17th Sunday (27 July)

God has given us many gifts, including the promise that we will share in Christ’s glory. We give thanks for these treasures, as we continue on our journey to the fullness of the kingdom of heaven.

27Jul 17th Sunday in Ordinary Time

The Price of a Pearl?

26Jul 26th July. Saturday, Week 16.

Covenant and Justice