28Jul Presiders pages for August Sundays published

Pages for presiders (including bidding prayers for the Sundays and holydays of August) have now been published on the ACP website. This is to facilitate those who prepare the liturgy, who may be planning several Sunday liturgies in advance due to key personnel taking summer vacations. Topical needs can be added by prayer ministers at the Mass time.

You can access the August presiders pages here

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  1. Des Gilroy

    In relation to weekly Prayers of the Faithful, Sean O’Conaill recently queried whether the handing down of these from the diocesan authorities, as in the Dublin Archdiocese, was another form of episcopal control. One would hope that this is not so but a recognition that many parishes do not have active Pastoral Councils or groups that could create these on the regular basis they are required. The ACP, by augmenting these is undoubtedly providing a welcome service to hard pressed PPs and curates. A further resource, where topical needs are added weekly, is to be found on the Association of Catholics in Ireland website under Resources – Liturgy. Reference is http://www.acireland.ie/category/liturgy/. To ensure these are relevant to the weekend masses, these are only uploaded each Friday evening.

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