28Aug 28th August. Thursday of Week 21

A practical spirituality

27Aug 27th August. Wednesday, Week 21

Good Works and Faith combined

26Aug A glimpse of the past fifty years with the Augustinians!

Seamus Ahearne in his unique style shares his reflections on his fifty years with the Augustinians. Seamus, as usual, challenges us with his experience and wisdom.
Ad multos annos.

26Aug 26th August. Tuesday, Week 21

The strength of our convictions

25Aug Do Irish nuns need to listen to their American sisters?

Brendan Hoban in his weekly Western People column states that history, while recognising the failures and limitations of a minority of Irish nuns, will eventually laud the extraordinary contribution nuns have made to Irish life. '
The self-less service given by thousands of nuns should not be air-brushed from the national memory. They deserve more than that.

25Aug The Annual General Meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests

The Association of Catholic Priests will hold its AGM at Hodson Bay Hotel, Athlone

on October 1 from 2.00pm to 5.00pm.

This year the theme is: The vocations crisis: will ‘clustering’ work?

25Aug 25th August. Monday, Week 21

Hypocrisy has not gone away

24Aug Ordinary Time, 21st Sunday (24 August)

This Sunday's worship brings us into the presence of the God whose mystery we can never comprehend. All we have comes from the Lord, and we can only bow down in awe, and bring forward the praise that is due to the Almighty.

24Aug 24th August. Sunday 21 in Ordinary Time

Shepherd and Rock

23Aug Issues arising from the revised English of the Roman Missal

Thanks to Eugene Kennedy for providing this account of a study day organised by the Catholic Theological Society of Great Britain, with invited speakers, including both Roman Catholics and Anglicans, in Spring 2012 dealing with issues arising from the revised English of the Roman Missal.