23Aug Pope Francis has transformed the Church – it’s time the Church stopped stifling groups who embrace that transformation 

In a recent Tablet article Chris McDonnell, secretary of the Movement for Married Clergy, argued that sincere discussion should be welcomed by both the hierarchy and the laity, for the good of the Church.

23Aug 23rd August. Saturday, Week 20

Where Reverence Resides

22Aug 22nd August. The Queenship of Mary

Our Lady, Queen of Heaven

21Aug I will build my church

Have we some keys to the discussion at Caesarea Philippi?
Pádraig McCarthy

21Aug 21st August. Thursday, Week 20

Prepared for the final banquet

20Aug 20th August. Wednesday, Week 20

Defender of the weak

19Aug An Invitation to come to Rome 02 – 05 October 2014

An Invitation to come to Rome 02 - 05 October 2014 to ensure that families are recognized, included, and listened to by the Bishops attending the Synod in Rome.

19Aug 19th August. Tuesday, Week 20

First and Last

18Aug Positive engagement of rank and file priests cannot be dismissed as negative

Brendan Hoban tells us in his Western People column that bishop of Rome "Francis is 78, and might be dismissed as ‘an ageing, disillusioned priest’ – but he knows the score. I would argue that Francis and the ACP are singing out of the same hymn-sheet, even if others seem determined to drown out our voices."

18Aug 18th August. Monday, Week 20

Coping with misfortune and responding to grace

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