05Sep The Permanent Deacon

Enda Lyons in Tuam's diocesan magazine, New Dawn, writes that when considering the permanent diaconate we should start with the ministry of Christ and not of priests. "Christ’s ministry was, as we know, very broad and not at all narrowly ‘churchy’. The Christ in the gospels was to be found much more often in the villages, on the roads, by the lakeside and in the hills, than in the Temples or synagogues. His Temple was wherever people were and his ministry started and ended with tending to their needs."

05Sep Move clergy out of Rome to refresh the curial mindset – and to be kinder to priests

Mark Langham contends in the Tablet blogs that the notion that more senior figures might spend only part of their career in Rome would surely broaden the outlook of the Curia.

05Sep Recent developments for understanding child abuse

News on recent remarks by the Ombudsman for Children, and on a report from Australia. Pádraig McCarthy

05Sep Presider’s Page for 23rd Sunday (7 September)

Opening Comment
We gather as God’s family, concerned for each other, supporting one another in sadness and joy. The challenge of living as part of the Christian family is laid out for us in today’s readings.

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05Sep Friday of Week 22

Surprised by Grace