21Sep Synod – A few thoughts.

Brendan Butler shares some concerns about the Synod on the family.

21Sep Presider’s Page for 21 September (Ordinary Time 25)

God's ways are not our ways. God’s love and generosity are beyond our understanding. We acknowledge all God has done for us, and ask for the grace to grow into God’s likeness.

21Sep Pope Francis’ advice to Bishops

Andra Tornielli provides a translation of Pope Francis' address to bishops and says that the speech the Pope gave to bishops appointed during the last year was one of the most important pronouncements of his pontificate: Be present in your dioceses and make sure you are reachable, welcome everyone without discrimination, don't be pessimists who despair because “the fort is under attack”

21Sep 21st September. 25th Sunday of Ordinary Time

God's thoughts are above ours