29Sep CDF, Edinburgh, Kasper, and the local Church.

Seamus Ahearne, as usual, asks the pertinent questions about what is essential in belonging to church.
'I feel so embarrassed that such nonsense (banning and silencing) is still going on. Robust discussion is essential in our faith. Anselm said: ‘Theology is faith seeking understanding'

"If any of us are listening to the Christ of the Gospels in recent times – we would get something of these message: The Table is open. All comers are welcome. The outsiders are the insiders. The unlikely ones are the most acceptable ones. Never shut doors. Open hearts and open minds and open imaginations."

29Sep Can women’s voices be heard in Pope Francis’ Church?

Invitation to The McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris on Sat October 11th from 2.00 - 4.30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.

29Sep Interesting times in Limerick Diocese

Brendan Leahy, bishop of Limerick, has announced a Synod for the diocese of Limerick

29Sep 29th September. Monday.

God's special envoys