29Sep Can women’s voices be heard in Pope Francis’ Church?

Why did a group of women from the Killaloe Diocese in Clare challenge their Bishop over his plan to introduce a male only permanent Diaconate? It begs the fundamental question, “Can women’s voices be heard in the church of Pope Francis?”

Kathleen McDonnell from Clare is heartened by the huge response after they challenged their Bishop, who has since cancelled plans for an all-male Diaconate. Support for the women has been widespread and diverse.

The Clare women are committed Church members, not people on the fringe, but very active members. They have experience as retreat facilitators and being members of parish and diocesan pastoral councils. What concerns them most is the church’s seeming inability to connect meaningfully with people who are drifting away.

Kathleen McDonnell will address the issue, ‘Why Women felt compelled to speak out in Killaloe Diocese’ and will be followed by well-known Jesuit priest, Gerry O’Hanlon, on the topic, ‘Is Pope Francis willing to nurture an inclusive Church? at a meeting in The McWilliam Park Hotel, Claremorris on Sat October 11th from 2.00-4.30pm. Admission is free and all are welcome.


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  1. Darlene Starrs

    Oh, how I wish I could be there to hear these talks! I cannot imagine what Father O’Hanlon would say in answer to the question for his lecture topic. We know that Pope Francis just appointed what was it…5 women to the International Theological Commission, and he has said, that he wants the official Church to be more representative of women. However, you can bet that these women are very conservative and even with that, how much influence do they have with the men of the Vatican? Are the women appointed by Pope Francis, in whatever capacity, going to be sympathetic to the CDF, for example?….In other words, Pope Francis is not likely to listen to the likes of Mary Malone, Elizabeth Fiorenza? and so on. It’s not the so called feminist voice that he is going to hear and heed. It is interesting though, that even Pope Francis might have opposition from the CDF and Cardinal Muller…Hmmmm It sounds like tyranny in the Vatican? I don’t know…

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