28Sep 28th September. Twenty-Sixth Sunday

Not a Members-Only Club

27Sep Whatever ever became of the bronze serpent?

On Sunday 14 September we heard the story of the fiery serpents, and the bronze serpent set up by Moses as instructed.
Pádraig McCarthy

27Sep Young people and the Liturgy

I was never too happy with herding the entire school community into a church for a beginning of year or end of year liturgical extravaganza.
A youth liturgy group was set up; not a children’s liturgy group, by the way, as the members range in age from sixteen to the mid twenties. This group was given the responsibility of organizing liturgies on five or six occasions during the liturgical year.

27Sep 27th September. Saturday, Week 25

Contemplating the future

26Sep 26th September. Friday, Week 25

Memorable moments

25Sep 25th September. Thursday, Week 25

Not weary of life

24Sep 24th September. Wednesday, Week 25

Soberly courageous

23Sep 23rd September. Tuesday, Week 25

Finding wisdom wherever we can

22Sep “The signs of the times which can offer us hope and courage.” Pope Francis

The pope said the enormous amount of work and demands being made on pastoral workers "make us run the risk of becoming frightened and withdrawing in on ourselves out of fear and self-defense."

"And out of that springs the temptation of self-sufficiency and clericalism, that codifying the faith into rules and instructions, which the scribes, Pharisees and doctors of the law did during the time of Jesus. We will have everything exact and everything just-so, but the faithful and those who are seeking will continue to be hungry and thirsty for God," Pope Francis explained.
If pastoral ministry uses the same approach the scribes and Pharisees took, "never, never will we be witnesses of being close" to people like Jesus was, he said.

22Sep 22nd September. Monday, Week 25

Unpacking cryptic statements

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