30Sep Survey on permanent (male only) diaconate

In connection with the situation in Killaloe Diocese,WE ARE CHURCH IRELAND and the ASSOCIATION of CATHOLICS In IRELAND are running a SURVEY regarding the Permanent( male-only) Diaconate in Ireland
The survey is very short(6 questions),and easy to fill in. It should take less than 3 minutes.The survey is totally confidential and only the aggregate results will be published.
Please click on the link below to take the survey.

5 Responses

  1. Graham Revens

    The questionnaire is important but it is skewed.
    It does not allow the option of laity plus diaconate.

  2. Colm Holmes

    Graham at #1,
    Good point. We tried to keep the survey as simple as possible.
    The laity are always with us. The diaconate is new. And certainly the Male-Only diaconate will displace some lay parish workers, mostly women.

  3. Peter Clifton

    Question 2 completely sidesteps the historical issue as to the nature of women’s ministry in the early Church:
    namely, were women ordained to the diaconate just as men were or was their service of a different and non-sacramental order? The question comes close to presenting as established fact something which is, at best, academically controversial.

  4. Soline Humbert

    @ 3
    On the issue of women ordained sacramentally to the diaconate in the first millenium .

  5. Peter Clifton

    Soline @ 4. Many thanks for these references, the first of which is particularly illuminating.