15Oct Catholic Tipping Point: U.S. Speaking Tour

This weekend I travel to the United States to begin an extensive speaking tour on Church Reform. This tour has been organised by the network of reform movements in the States, with FutureChurch being the co-ordinating body. I will speak in eighteen different cities over a period of thirty days. In each city there will be one event open to the publc, and various meeting with smaller groups, and media interviews. It will be a busy month, but should also be extremely interesting. The details of the tour can be found at http://www.catholictippingpoint.org/

I am particularly looking forward to meeting the different people and groups who are working for reform in the U.S., and learning a lot from them. I feel it is a particularly opportune time to be going, considering the exciting things that are happening in Rome.

I will keep a diary of my tour, which can be accessed on my own blog, tonyflannery.com
Tony Flannery

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  1. Darlene Starrs

    Whether the United States or Canada, you will be sure to find significant differences in the state of the Church’s renewal. In Canada, there is not much desire for change…and I suspect, not a whole lot in the States, with some exceptions.