06Nov Pope Francis confirms norms concerning bishops’ retirement

Andrea Tornielli writes in http://vaticaninsider.lastampa.it about the regulations concerning the retirement of bishops.
Of note is the statement that "Worthy of the church's appreciation is the gesture of one who, motivated by love and the desire for a better service to the community, believes it is necessary because of ill health or other serious reason to renounce his office as pastor before reaching the age of 75."
Is this something priests should consider as a realistic alternative to taking on more and more duties as they grow older and colleagues die. Might it be the only way to force everyone to realistically confront the issue of the ever reducing number of priests?

06Nov 6th November. Thursday. Feast of all the Irish Saints

The feast echoes the theme of "the island of saints and scholars" which was so strong in Ireland up to the middle of the twentieth century, but which might be somewhat harder to illustrate in 2014...