26Nov 26th November. Wednesday of Week 34.

By your endurance you will gain your souls: The Greek for endurance (hypomoné) is like our modern "hanging in there" and reflects an inner attitude of perseverance, consistency, not giving it. In hard times we must continue in our loyalty to God.. It has a nice ring in the Latin translation of Saint Jerome: in patientia vestra possidebitis animas vestras..

25Nov 25th November. Tuesday of Week 34.

When will that day come? Towards the end of the year we meet some of the most alien-sounding literature in the Bible, dealing with the end of the world, which also fascinates so many people. We must be careful in interpreting it, as the language is highly symbolic and non-literal...

24Nov 24th November. Monday of Week 34.

Unconditional Love: Today we have the moving story of the widow who drops two copper coins into the treasury. Jesus declares that by giving what she could not afford, what she gave was worth more than the wealthiest donation. We too must be ready as and when the spirit inspires us to give until it hurts...

23Nov Presider’s Page for 23 November (Christ the King)

Today we celebrate the feast of Christ the King. At the end of time, this king will come in glory to judge the living and the dead. He will ask how we treated the hungry and thirsty, the stranger, the naked, those sick or in prison, promising a great reward to those who show love.

23Nov Tony Flannery at Call to Action 2014, Memphis, Tenn.

Mick Forgey reports in the National Catholic Reporter on Tony Flannery' s involvement in the National Conference of the reform movement 'Call to Action' in Memphis, Tenn.

22Nov Christ the King of the Universe

How to honour Christ as our king

22Nov 23rd November. Christ the King of the Universe

The disciple of Christ the King cannot afford the luxury of living in a gated community, resolutely secure in a fortress, comfortably "keeping myself to myself" with the lame claim that "I do nobody any harm." To recognise Jesus Christ as our Shepherd-king involves being carers or shepherds in some way ourselves; for the work of the Kingdom goes on until he comes again...

22Nov 22nd November. Saturday of Week 33.

"At the resurrection, whose wife will she be?" The woman who had successively married seven husbands is only a story that was told and repeated, probably to the embarrassment of women. Jesus wrong-foots his questioners by answering their question in an unexpected way, to reflect on the nature of life after death and the form human bodies will take at the resurrection...

21Nov 21st November. Friday. Presentation of Our Lady

Most Marian celebrations are based on some key Gospel texts. But of course the Evangelists tells us nothing about Mary's early life. The inspired Word has no mention of the event celebrated on November 21st, her Presentation in the Temple, but ....

20Nov Light in the darkness

Chris McDonnell reflects on the Rosetta Mission and the landing of Philae on the Comet 67P.
'We cannot begin to understand the enormity of the God in whom we believe. We can only appreciate those moments of blinding transformation when he illuminates our lives....'