11Dec New Synod questionnaire on family issues issued by Vatican website

For your information we publish the New Synod questionnaire on family issues published by the Vatican. It requests episcopal conferences to choose a suitable manner of involving all components of the particular churches and academic institutions, organizations, lay movements and other ecclesial associations.

11Dec Declared innocent, 16 years later

For innocent people to be accused of horrific abuse of children is a shattering experience. On 4 December, 24 people from the Modena area of Italy were declared innocent - after 16 years: 17 parents and 7 priests. Families were destroyed, and seven were dead.
Pádraig McCarthy

11Dec 11th December. Thursday of Advent, Week 2

Feeling really close to God... Isaiah imagines God addressing the people with nicknames, calling them "my little worm" and "my little maggot," as a parent might affectionately do to a child squirming in its arms. Understood in this way, the words, "worm" and "maggot," are not demeaning, but terms of endearment when attributed to God