17Dec Response to comments made by Senator Rónán Mullen on Newstalk Radio

Brendan Hoban responds to comments made by Senator Rónán Mullen on a live radio programme concerning Fr. Tony Flannery.

On the day when the Vatican's three-year investigation into US nuns concluded with a call to continued dialogue it seems that the message of openness preached by Pope Francis is still not being heard in some quarters, not least the CDF.
In contrast the Congregation for Institutes of Consecrated Life and Societies of Apostolic Life commenting on those sisters who did not co-operate with the 'visitation' says "we use this present opportunity to invite all religious institutes to accept our willingness to engage in respectful and fruitful dialogue with them."
We look forward to this "willingness to engage in respectful and fruitful dialogue" being put into practice by all in the Curia and all in positions of power or influence.

17Dec 17th December.Wednesday of Advent, Week 3

Believe the Good News: The angel Gabriel is sent to Zechariah to bring him the good news that his wife, Elizabeth, who has been barren will soon give birth to a son, and a special son at that, someone whose calling it would be to prepare for the Lord a people fit for him. However, this good news was too much for Zechariah to hear and he could not bring himself to believe...