21Dec Christmas is a strange time.

Brendan Hoban, in his Western People column, offers a seasonal reflection.
"Christmas is a strange time. It has a funny way of creating an empty space
around us. Despite the hype, Christmas has a way of stripping our lives down
to the essentials. In the midst of Christmas cheer, a small thin voice
insists on posing a series of difficult questions: what does it all mean? Am
I happy? what is my life for? how can I satisfy that itch within me? how can
I satisfy that part of me that nothing seems to satisfy? "

21Dec The Shortest Day highlights our need of Hope.

On the dark wet windy shortest day of 2014 Tony Flannery shares some thoughts saying that "Of the three great Christian virtues, faith, hope and love, I have always considered that hope is the most important of all."

21Dec Presider’s Page for 21 December (Advent 4)

Advent is drawing to a close, so we have just a few days left to prepare for the birth of Christ. On this Sunday, we’re invited to follow Mary’s example and imitate her faith.

21Dec 21st December. Fourth Sunday of Advent

Receiving the Grace of God ...We are only four days from Christmas. We have lit our fourth Advent candle. On Christmas day, we will light the final candle on the Advent wreath, the white candle...