31Jan Women’s Cultures: Equality and Difference

A Plenary Assembly of the Pontifical Council for Culture meets in Rome 4-7 February 2015, with the above theme.

31Jan 31st January. Saturday of Week 3.

Don't you even care?

What a contrast between the calm of Jesus and the alarm of his disciples when that storm breaks out! He was lying in the stern of the boat, asleep, with his head on a cushion. The disciples were panicking and in their panic they woke and rebuked him, "Master, do you not care?...

30Jan 30th January. Friday of Week 3.

The mystery of growth

The seed growing secretly suggests the mystery of growth. The farmer works hard to sow the seed, but then he has to wait. In a way he does not fully understand, the seed grows of his own accord...

29Jan Tony Flannery to speak at 2nd ACI Meeting in Belfast – Saturday 21st Feb 2015

Notice from the Association of Catholics in Ireland

29Jan 29th January. Thursday of Week 3.

Passing through the veil

The life-path Jesus leads us on goes via the cross and on to the heavenly sanctuary. Behind this Hebrews text lies the Old Testament ritual of Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, when once a year the high priest entered behind the veil into the Holy of Holies. There, amid a smoking cloud of incense, he

28Jan International day of prayer against human trafficking

Soline Humbert reminds us of an international day of prayer against human trafficking on 08 February.

28Jan 28th January. Wednesday of Week 3

The parable of the sower

The religious leaders have accused Jesus and his disciples of breaking the Sabbath, and claimed that Jesus heals by the power of Satan. Jesus' own relatives have tried to take him in hand because of the general impression that he has lost the run of himself. In that context Jesus draws the attention of the disciples to the farmer sowing seed in Galilee...

27Jan 27th January. Tuesday of Week 3.

Smaller and Wider Family

Fidelity to God's will makes a family of all Christians. Jesus identifies the true disciple not by by rank or position, special privileges of birth, talents and financial resources, but by fidelity in the routines of life...

26Jan 26th January. Ss Timothy and Titus (Memorial)

Pastoral heroes, models for ministry
Timothy's role in the Church sounds like a retired foreign missionary who later became guide or bishop to the local Christians in Ephesus. He had the honor of being a fellow worker with Paul... Titus, too ...

25Jan Presider’s Page for 25 January (Ordinary Time 3)

The calling of Andrew and his brother Peter is described in today’s Gospel. Like those early disciples, we too are called. As believers, we gather here to listen to God’s word, resolving to put it into practice in the coming week.