15Jan Let Battle Commence

Gabriel Daly OSA writes that " In a body as large and as culturally diverse as the Catholic Church, discrepant and irreconcilable attitudes are inevitable. We should try to live with them, not pretend that it is necessary – or even desirable – to smooth them over. "
Gabriel reminds us that "The truth and the will of God may actually be found in the clash of ideas and convictions expressed freely and without the threat of institutional interference."

15Jan Climate Change and an Encyclical on the Environment

Sean McDonagh tells us that the most important part of the forthcoming encyclical on the environment by Pope Francis is that it develops a credible and adequate theology of creation.

15Jan 15th January. Thursday of Week 1

True and false fidelity :: "Value today," advises the psalmist, whose text is quoted in Hebrews, because right here and now God provides the grace and insight we need to live a life of faith, and therefore...