20Jan A gathering of peoples

Chris McDonnell responding to Brendan Hoban's article and recent events sees hope in the meeting of Pope Francis and Hindu priest Kurakkal Somasundaram and its message of "peaceful understanding between peoples, of religious tolerance and of care not to offend."
However the reality of the world is that some will continue to go on insulting anyone they choose and "This is the reality we must live with, always willing to respond to what we perceive as unjust comment, always preserving the right for opinion to be expressed, but always careful that violent reaction is not the outcome of thoughtless words."

20Jan An absolute right to freedom of speech?

Brendan Hoban, in the Western People, muses about the rights and responsibilities of freedom of speech.
"While the right to free expression is important and should be defended, it’s not an absolute right. And those who are prepared to hurt and offend should not see it as a fail-safe or catch-all defence for their bigotry, of whatever hue."

20Jan Former Anglican married priest to take over Catholic parish

Brian Eyre expresses concerns about the illogical norms that are being followed in ordaining married men, former Anglican priests, while excluding Catholic priests who wish to marry from official ministry.

20Jan 20th January. Tuesday in Week 2

Ministering life? :: Today's Epistle alerts us to the possibilities of loving service present in the most ordinary events and people of our everyday contact, especially those of our own household. Routine matters, and familiar people whom we meet each day can hold the key..