01Mar Presider’s Page for 1 March (Lent 2)

As we continue to celebrate Lent, it’s important that we keep the goal of our journey before us. The gospel of the transfiguration is read on this lenten Sunday each year, to remind us to hold firm to a vision of glory, on dark days. Easter and its joy will follow this season of penance, just as the resurrection followed the passion and death of Jesus.

01Mar Mass Readings, March 2015

March 2015 Mass Readings

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1st March. Second Sunday of Lent

2nd March. Monday in Week 2 of Lent

3rd March. Tuesday in Week 2 of Lent

4th March. Wednesday in Week 2 of Lent


01Mar 1st March. Second Sunday of Lent

What must be cast aside? The story of Abraham and Isaac is full of high drama. The demand that Isaac be sacrificed seemed to utterly contradict God's promise that the boy would pass on Abraham's line into the distant future. It was a radical trial of faith, and no greater test of obedience could be set. Abraham's heart was pierced by the boy's innocent question, "Where is the lamb for the burnt offering?..

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