10Mar Render unto Caesar

In his weekly Western People column Brendan Hoban welcomes the introduction of new regulations that will come into force governing the accounting for all church monies. These are a result of the Charities Regulatory Authority (CRA), being established by the government last October.
"While the Church for years has encouraged openness and transparency at diocesan and parish level with mixed results now the new regulations will universally enforce a new, transparent regime in every parish in Ireland."

10Mar Open letter to English speaking bishops – Gerald O’Collins SJ

Gerald O’Collins SJ writes to all English speaking bishops asking that they 'act quickly to help English-speaking Catholics participate more effectively in the liturgy.' Gerald suggests that the “Missal that wasn’t,” the 1998 translation be used.
Fr O’Collins SJ, who was a professor at the Gregorian University in Rome for 33 years, made his comments in a letter sent to The Tablet entitled “An open letter to English-speaking bishops”.

10Mar The ‘New’ Missal – the problem hasn’t gone away, yet.

Mattie Long reflects on the open letter Gerald O’Collins S.J. wrote to English speaking bishops concerning the continued use of the “new” missal. Added to this letter are the comments of Pope Francis on the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the celebration of the first vernacular Mass celebrated by Pope Paul VI in 1965.
Mattie draws on James Dallen's 'What Kind of Ecclesiology?' to question the purpose of the 'new' missal.

10Mar 10th March. Tuesday in 3rd Week of Lent

Making a fresh start
The destruction of Israel's life, as described in the book of Daniel, is devastating. "We have in our day no prince, prophet or leader, no sacrifice, oblation or incense, no place to offer first fruits, to find favour with you." All had gone up in flames!..

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