17Mar They shall have mercy shown them …

Pope Francis has announced a Jubilee Year centred on the theme of Mercy.

Surely this would be a good occasion for our Irish bishops to propose to Rome a relaxation of the Vatican veto on the use of the form of the Sacrament of Reconciliation which includes General Absolution?

We know, of course, that Pope Francis believes strongly in individual Confession. But at present in Ireland and some other countries the number of people going to Confession is so small that it is unlikely that having General Absolution would further diminish those going for individual Confession. Indeed, it could well lead to an increase in individual Confessions.

Members and friends of ACP and the ACI and other Church organizations might consider encouraging the bishops to take this initiative – and to authorize gifted liturgists to design meaningful rituals which would incorporate General Absolution.

2 Responses

  1. MM

    Seems your thinking is in line with the experience of the Association of US Catholic Priests. See:-

  2. Louie Macari

    A good idea! Many who have been away from the sacrament would be encouraged to return. In my diocese one of the parishes held these reconciliation services in Lent with general absolution until someone complained to the bishop or perhaps even to the nuncio. The reconciliation services were very popular
    I know many people who find personal confession extremely difficult and negative. Would it not be better for such individuals to spend an hour in a meaningful service of reconciliation and receive general absolution. I agree that those who gain from personal confession would not be affected by this.

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