30Apr 30th April. Thursday in Week 4 of Easter

Welcoming the little ones

When Jesus told his disciples to welcome children in his name, it was an important lesson. They were arguing about which of them was most important. But Jesus insisted that seeking social status was not a value for him and had no place the kingdom of God...

29Apr Stray thoughts from Finglas

Seamus Ahearne, in his usual style, anchors us in the reality that is church in Ireland in 2015; a church where the hot button issue/culture/liturgical wars so beloved by some are just irrelevant to many people.
"Evangelisation happens on the streets, in the shops, in the schools, at the door, in the community and especially in the homes. We are interpreting experiences. We are the learners. We are the outsiders. Evangelisation is about humility. When we realise how little we know and how fragile we are now in a culture that doesn’t know our God or our Church; we can relax and learn. The God we used to preach/celebrate really wasn’t always a loving, real and immediate God either. We were in control. Now we are at a loss. But that too is alright. We are old but aren’t dead yet; we can learn if we are prepared to."

29Apr 29th April. Catherine of Siena, Patron of Europe

A beacon of light

Catherine of Siena's mysticism did not withdraw her from the world. She was deeply involved in what was happening in Europe and in the church in her time....

28Apr Lay reform groups discuss equality of women, church governance at international meeting

Sarah Mac Donald, a freelance writer based in Dublin, reports for NCR on the recent meeting of Catholic reform groups in Limerick.

28Apr Disaffection with Disconnection

Brendan Hoban in his most recent Western People column wonders when the limits to loyalty will reach breaking point for Irish Catholics. "The Catholic Church, as bishops and sometimes parish priests remind us, is not a democracy but if people are used to their opinions being taken seriously in every other walk of life, they tend to raise a collective eyebrow when the Catholic Church decides that decision-making is confined to a tiny elite."

28Apr 28th April. Tuesday in Week 4 of Easter

Paul's Mentor

The openness of Barnabas to God's gifts led him to Tarsus to search for Paul and bring him to join the church in Antioch. If it had not been for him, Paul might have been lost in the silent sands of some desert solitude. ..

27Apr 27th April. Monday, Week 4 of Easter

Christian Leadership

What splendid leadership Peter shows, pointing the way forward for the church into the future. He also shows a spirit of dialogue, equally vital for our church of today. When challenged about his daring initiative, Peter patiently explains himself. His leadership is not dictatorial but blends inspiration and dialogue...

26Apr Presider’s Page for 26 April (Easter 4)

The Fourth Sunday of Easter is often called Good Shepherd Sunday, because the readings are about the care we receive from Christ, our true shepherd — a care Christians are invited to copy. Today is also the Day of Prayer for Vocations.

26Apr 26th April. Fourth Sunday of Easter

The pastor who cares for people

Jesus speaks of shepherds and sheep, seeing himself as the Good Shepherd foretold by the prophets. It's about the relationship between the shepherd and the sheep. Though the imagery is old, the message is topical. It is relevant to us here and now. By faith we accept Jesus, and our relationship is a deeply personal one...

25Apr 25th April. Saint Mark, Evangelist

Mark, pioneering Evangelist

According to Papias, after Peter's death, at the request of the Christians in Rome Mark wrote what he knew of Peter's memories of Jesus. His Gospel reflects the plain, blunt speaking style of the Galilean fisherman and captures their sense of awe and wonder at the healing power of Christ...