06Apr The celebration of the Eucharist: Could it become a museum piece?

Brian Eyre wonders if the celebration of the Eucharist could become so rare it could be seen as a museum piece?
He hopes not but suggests the only way "This can be avoided is if the priesthood is opened up to others and not limit it to male celibate candidates only."

06Apr Fr. Tony Flannery hosts International Network of Church Reform Movements participative conference in Co. Limerick

An International Network of Church Reform Movements conference will take place next week, from Monday 13th April to Thursday 16th April, in the Radisson Blu Hotel in Limerick.
This four day event is not open to the public but there will be an open session at 8.00pm on Thursday, 16th April in the Radisson Blu in Limerick. Some of the international participants will speak of their experience of Church Reform in their parts of the world, and how we can move forward. Members of the public are welcome to this event.

06Apr 6th April. Easter Monday

Different understandings of the resurrection

Our New Testament writers attempt in varied ways to describe the miracle and mystery of our Lord’s dying and rising. As Peter’s sermon at Pentecost was addressed to Jews from different countries but all sharing a Jewish identity, he sets Jesus within the framework of Jewish history...

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