07Apr At Easter, Austria’s bishops remembered the “forgotten” women

Maria Teresa Pontara Pedervia reports in the vaticaninsider.lastampa.it website that Austrian bishops reminded us all that despite the crucial role women play in the life of the church it can often be overlooked!
Cardinal Christoph Schönborn commented that 'the Gospel stories are full of female figures that have played important roles, but “none of these women has ever been canonized,” he regretted.'

07Apr 7th April. Easter Tuesday

Coming to recognise the Lord

A fascinating side of the Easter stories is how they convey a sense of gradual recognition of the risen Jesus, by his closest friends and followers. John's vivid portrayal of Mary Magdalene challenging the gardener to hand back the body of Jesus conveys some sense of their stupor and confusion. At first, all they hoped for was to be able to show honour to his mortal remains. But when he calls Mary by her name

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