12Apr 12th April. 2nd Sunday of Easter

Unlocking our doors

Most houses are well alarmed nowadays; the computerised alarm has become as basic an item as table and chairs. We also need to have good strong locks; long gone, at least in the cities and towns, are the days when you could just leave the key in the door, and allow neighbours to casually ramble in for a chat and a cup of tea. We are more fearful about our security than we used to be, and this fear and anxiety has led us to take more precautions to protect ourselves. Fear of what others can do...

12Apr Sledge hammered or airbrushed – getting rid of ‘beautiful things’­

Brendan Hoban in his weekly Western People column wonders what we are losing by the ' gradual, insistent airbrushing of religion out of Irish life.'
He says that as a result 'to refer to the challenge and comfort of a lived faith in a God of love and compassion is almost to speak a language that so many now either refuse to speak or don't really understand.'

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