17Apr New Era – Last chance: Catholic Priests Associations and Reform Groups unite in International Conference in Limerick, Ireland

Press statement following international conference in Limerick, hosted by ACP, that brought together over 30 Catholic priests and church citizens from Ireland, Austria, Australia, Germany, India, Italy, Slovakia, Switzerland, the U.K. and the U.S.

17Apr A response to an assertion that ACP consistently proposes altering Catholic moral teaching.

P. John Mannion responds to an assertion that the ACP consistently proposes altering Catholic moral teaching.

17Apr 17th April. Friday of Week 2 of Easter

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Today we find Jesus and his disciples faced with a hungry crowd and little or no means of feeding them. In this situation of need, people reacted in different ways. Philip made a calculation: on the basis of the number of people and the amount of money available to buy food, and decided that nothing could be done. Andrew recognized that one of the crowd had a small amount of food but he dismissed this small resource...

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