24Apr 24th May. Pentecost Sunday

Source of the Higher Impulses

The Holy Spirit used to be the forgotten person of the Trinity. Perhaps he suffered from being a spirit, since for many of us, only concrete things are real. The Father and Son make an impact because one took flesh and the other was given a beard. Have you ever imagined the Holy Spirit with a beard? Whatever the reason, even among devout Christians, the Holy Spirit had been overlooked...

24Apr 24th April. Friday in Week 3 of Easter

Questioning Jesus

Many questions are asked in the course of the gospels. Some are posed by Jesus himself, while others are asked by those who meet him. Today it is the Jews who ask, "How can this man give us his flesh to eat?"

23Apr What happened in Limerick should not stay in Limerick

Deborah Rose-Milavec reports on www.futurechurch.org about the 2nd international meeting of priest associations and lay reform groups that recently took place in Limerick.

23Apr 23rd May. Saturday in Week 7 of Easter

Ending on a high note

The readings today are the final verses of Acts and of John's gospel. "Wait until I come." Eternity will be the continuation of the final moment in our earthly journey. Jesus comes to us again and again. Our prayer now is a foretaste of heavenly joy.

23Apr 23rd April. Thursday in Week 3 of Easter

Learning from an Outsider

God was already drawing the Ethiopian toward faith. This highly-placed eunuch was a God-fearing gentile who believed in Israel's God, and followed whatever Torah rules were compatible with his family life and culture. The Spirit was attracting this man to a deeper understanding of life...

22Apr 22nd April. Wednesday of Week 3 of Easter

Even if they first reject it

Philip shares the gospel in Samaria and his message is welcomed. In Luke's first volume, Jesus tries to speak to the Samaritans but they reject him because he is heading for Jerusalem. But later they welcome his gospel gladly, from the lips of Philip. The gospel can blossom even where it was first rejected ...

21Apr 21st April. Tuesday of Week 3 of Easter

Stephen's death and Christ's

In Acts, Luke compares Stephen's martyrdom to Jesus' death on the cross. Each of them, accused of blasphemy, is condemned to death by the Sanhedrin. Each sees a vision of someone coming on the clouds, at the right hand of God. Each asks God to receive the spirit and each prays for the forgiveness of the executioners

20Apr 20th April. Monday of Week 3 of Easter

Food for eternity

Jesus invites us to look for the food that promotes eternal life in us and satisfies the deepest hunger of our hearts.

19Apr Presider’s Page for 19 April (Easter 3)

Throughout the Easter season, the Church continues to announce and celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead.

19Apr 19th April. 3rd Sunday of Easter

Invited to believe

Just imagine: Jesus pleading with them to believe him. He invites them to touch him, to give him something to eat, to examine his hands and his feet. Human nature is so fragile, and so fickle. I'm not blaming anyone here. Obviously, this is the first time the apostles ever came across a situation like this. One would have thought that seeing Lazarus, or the daughter of Jairus, or the son of the widow of Naim, get up and walk after having been dead, should have gone some way towards preparing them for this moment.

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