31May Vox Clara Committee Press Release May 25-26, 2015

Not much hope of a 'reality check' concerning the current English language version of the Roman Missal if the quote from Cardinal Sarah in the 'Vox Clara' press release is accurate.
" Cardinal Sarah reported that the Holy Father was quick to state that “Vox Clara must remain because its work is very precious for the English-speaking Conferences in the world. So tell them they must continue the work.”
The press release is carried in full for your information.

31May 31st May. Feast of the Most Holy Trinity

Three is company

>They say “Two is company, three is a crowd” but today's feast would have it otherwise. There, the figure three symbolises completeness and perfect symmetry, and re-appears at all the key moments of the Christ story, for the life of Jesus constantly reflected the Trinity of God.

30May Trinity Sunday – Bidding prayers

Today is Trinity Sunday. We worship God who creates, redeems and sanctifies: three persons, one God.

30May 30th May. Saturday in Week 8

By what authority?

Today's gospel comes just after Jesus cleansed the temple, which was a very daring thing to do. There were people in charge of the temple and Jesus certainly had not been authorized by them to do what he did. The question the religious authorities responsible for the temple put to Jesus is very understandable, "What authority have you for acting like this?

29May 29th May. Friday in Week 8

Our link with our ancestors

In Peter, the link with the ancestors is kept very firm. In cleansing the temple, Jesus also referred back to Isaiah. Peter advises us, "Be mutually hospitable without complaining; put your gifts at the service of one another, each in the measure that each has received." Even while doing one's best, we are not to be surprised if "a trial by fire" may occur..

28May Planning for change?

Edward Pentin reports in the National Catholic Register about a meeting that took place at the Pontifical Gregorian University on Monday 25 May with the aim of urging “pastoral innovations” at the upcoming Synod of Bishops on the Family in October.

28May 28th May. Thursday in Week 8

The vigorous blind man

A lovely stained-glass window that I've seen in a church depicts today's scene, the healing of the man born blind. At the bottom of the picture is written the exchange between Jesus and the man, "What do you want me to do for you?," "Lord, let me see again." Apparently this man almost did not get close enough to Jesus to really talk with him; some friends of Jesus scolded the man and told him to keep quiet...

27May Irish Church accepts its teaching jars with the faithful

Gerry O' Hanlon S.J. writes in an article about the recent referendum on marriage and its aftermath
It was first published on

"The atmosphere among the crowd in Dublin and elsewhere in Ireland was carnival like – rainbow flags flying, people smiling and embracing, a sense of delight. This, on the Vigil of the Feast of the Holy Spirit, was a kind of secular Pentecost, a communal experience of movement from fear to peace and joy."
He quotes Archbishop Diarmud Martin in saying that the church 'has to find a new language to get its message across, particularly to young people, and that if teaching isn’t expressed in terms of love then the Church has got it wrong.'
Gerry concludes that 'Archbishop Martin and his colleagues here in Ireland – and further afield – need to take up with energy and enthusiasm the challenge of Pope Francis for a more collegial and dialogical church, in which the voice of all is heard. Then perhaps we can hope for an ecclesial Pentecost to correspond to the secular celebration last Saturday in Dublin, a joyful re-birth of our badly damaged church.'

27May An eccentric in the Algarve

Seamus Ahearne, from his seaside retreat, reflects on recent happenings in Ireland and in Church and is not alarmed.
"Wherever I have worked, the church and the culture were not synonymous. We were never that important in the scheme of things and that was and is much better. I don't think that the coincidence of culture and religion was ever good or right as it has been in Ireland. But the world of God is not shattered when people vote against the view of the Bishops. God and Faith goes on."
"I am blessed. My church is a happy, noisy, argumentative place. No Referendum changes that one."

27May 27th May. Wednesday in Week 8

On different wavelengths

There are several clashes between Jesus and his disciples in Mark’s gospel, as they make their way to Jerusalem, where Jesus will be crucified. They are clearly on different wavelengths, which finds expression in the very different questions they ask of each other. James and John ask Jesus for glory, honour, status.

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