13Sep Presider’s Page for 13 September (Ordinary Time 24)

In our journey through life we walk the path Jesus walked, so it is hard for us to escape suffering, no more than he could. We remember his suffering and death, knowing that it brought him glory and that it will do the same for us.

13Sep Sempre Avanti – Ever Onwards – an evolving church – as it has always been and always will be

Jim McCormack CM asks whether in a rapidly changing world the sacraments as we celebrate them require a complete overhaul . Evolution and change over decades and centuries has always been part of the church, its ministry and its celebration of sacraments; "Gradually a system will develop which will satisfactorily cover all the appropriate bases."
The challenge facing the “POWERS THAT BE” is in deciding to let go and let what is past 'rest in peace'.

13Sep 13th September. 24th Sunday, Ordinary Time

John Chrysostom, bishop and doctor, is not celebrated this year. (see below)

1st Reading: Isaiah 50:5-9

The suffering servant did not rebel or turn aside

The Lord God has opened my ear, and I was not rebellious, I did not … Read the rest

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