19Sep Underestimating Love, which is the gospel’s core message

Francis A. Quinn, the retired bishop of Sacramento, has an interesting article in The New York Times in preparation for Pope Francis' visit to the U.S.A.
One of the topics he broaches is that of the ordination of women.
"Recent popes have said publicly that priesthood for women cannot be considered because the gospel and other documents state that Christ ordained men only.
Yet women have shown great qualities of leadership: strength, intelligence, prayerfulness, wisdom, practicality, sensitivity and knowledge of theology and sacred Scripture.
Might the teaching church one day, taking account of changing circumstances, be inspired by the Holy Spirit to study and reinterpret this biblical tradition?"

With so many retired bishops speaking out recently on topical issues it raises the question why they haven't done so when in office. What prevents bishops from expressing such views when they hold office? Whatever it is, it most certainly is not healthy and is damaging the office of bishop and the universal church.

19Sep September 19th. Saturday, Week 24

Feast of Saint Januarius (see below)

First Reading: 1 Timothy 6:13-16

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