04Nov No welcome for the angel

Alan Titley wrote a strong article in Irish on page 13 of the Irish Times of Tuesday, 04 November.
Pádraig McCarthy offers his own "rough unpolished translation", for those not fluent in Irish.

"Compared to most of the states of the world we are as secular a state as you would find within the distance of a relatively long plane trip.

But you’d need to be living under a stone, or live only in the world of television, or inside a cave, if you thought that events of cultural life – among which religion is included – would not take their place in the life of that community."

04Nov 4th November. Wednesday of Week 31.

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Saint Charles Borromeo, bishop (see below).

1st Reading: Romans 13:8-10

Paul’s summary of all God’s commandments,”love one another.”

Owe no one anything, except to love … Read the rest