15Nov Receiving Eucharist: a goal to achieve or something to share on the journey of life?

Rocco Palmo reports that Pope Francis today, Sunday 15 November, visited Rome's Evangelical Lutheran church for an ecumenical dialogue.
Speaking of her marriage to a Catholic, a woman member of the Lutheran congregation addressed "the hurt we've felt together due to [their] difference of faith" and asked about their ability "to finally participate together in Communion."
In response Francis said "I ask myself and don’t know how to respond – what you’re asking me, I ask myself the question. To share the Lord’s banquet: is it the goal of the path or is it the viaticum [etym. “to accompany you on the journey”] for walking together?"

15Nov 15th November. 33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time

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1st Reading: Daniel 12:1-13

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