18Nov A Clear Voice?

Fr. Anthony Ruff OSB reports on the meeting of the U.S. bishops at Baltimore.
He raises the possibility of some movement on the ongoing problems with the current "translation" of the Roman Missal with the election of a new chair to the U.S. bishops liturgy committee.
"it is noteworthy that the bishop who spoke most negatively about the new translation, Archbishop Wilton Gregory, was a candidate to be chair of the USCCB liturgy committee. He was elected. His term will begin in 2016."
" Archbishop Wilton Gregory, also a former USCCB liturgy committee chair, rose to echo Trautman’s concerns. Before printing up more books with the current translation, we ought to look at the problems with the translation. There should be a review of the problems with the new Missal."

Isn't it time the Irish bishops addressed the problem realistically and had a real discussion about it?

18Nov 18th November. Wednesday of Week 33.

Dedication of Saints Peter and Paul basilicas in Rome.

The basilica on the Vatican Hill marks the place in Rome where Saint Peter was buried after his martyrdom. It seems the apostle’s remains were moved for a time to the … Read the rest