26Nov 26th November. Thursday of Week 34

1st Reading: Daniel 6:12-28

Daniel is saved from the lion’s den; the king recognizes Yahweh as deliverer and saviour, working signs and wonders in heaven and on earth

Then they approached the king and said concerning the interdict, “O king! …

25Nov 25th November. Wednesday of Week 34.

Saint Catherine of Alexandria, optional memorial

1st Reading: Daniel 5:1-6 etc

While Belshazzar was drinking from the temple vessels stolen from Jerusalem, the writing appears on the wall and Daniel interprets its meaning

King Belshazzar made a great festival for …

24Nov Report on the Annual General Meeting of the Association of Catholic Priests – 2015

A report on the AGM

24Nov Resolutions from AGM

Resolutions from the AGM held on 24 November 2015.

24Nov The Inquisition by any other name

Fr. P. John Mannion in this article explores the disjunction between the Church’s Canon Law and the teaching of the New Testament.
He does so in the context of the dealings of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, formerly The Inquisition, with Fr. Tony Flannery.
The injustice of those dealings and lack of due process is compounded when some commentators lay charges against Tony Flannery on the basis of what the CDF has done rather than anything he actually said.

24Nov 24th November. Tuesday of Week 34.

Saint Andrew Dung-Lac and co., optional memorial

1st Reading: Daniel 2:31-45

In a vision, Daniel sees four kingdoms destroyed by a stone falling from the mountain, which proceeds to fill the whole earth

“You were looking, O king, and lo! …

23Nov Annual General Meeting, Tuesday, 24 November

Notice and
Agenda of Annual General Meeting

23Nov 23rd November. Monday of Week 34

St. Columban, optional memorial

1st Reading: Daniel 1:1-6, 8-20

For keeping God’s laws, Daniel and his companions are more respected than all magicians and counselors in the Babylon

In the third year of the reign of King Jehoiakim of Judah, …

22Nov Presider’s Page for 22 November (Christ the King)

We celebrate the feast of Christ the King today, acclaiming Jesus as our king, the one who died for us and rose triumphant. We offer praise and worship — and ask for the grace to live as worthy citizens of his kingdom of justice, truth, love and peace.

22Nov 22nd November. Christ the King of the Universe

On sending us homily-outlines, see below

A Kingdom of Justice, Love and Peace

Christ is portrayed at the end of time handing over the kingdom to God the Father. Our Preface repeats this, describing this kingdom as one of truth

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