13Jan One Body, Many Parts

Brian Eyre, reflecting on his own experience, asks 'Should the modus operandi of Married Priests be the same as that of Celibate Priests?'
Brain suggests they should have a different focus but many of his suggestions may have equal validity for all priests, married or celibate. 'If they are to make a significant contribution to the life of the church let them be more people orientated and less church buildings orientated.'

13Jan 13 January. Friday of Week 1

Saint Hilary of Poitiers, bishop and doctor of the Church

1st Reading: Hebrews 4:1-5, 11

Through faith we shall enter into God’s day of rest

Therefore, while the promise of entering his rest is still open, let us take care … Read the rest

13Jan 13/01. Wednesday, Week 1

Saint Hilary of Poitiers, optional memorial

1st Reading: 1 Samuel 3:1-10 etc

From the sanctuary God calls Samuel, and sends him as a prophet

Now the boy Samuel was ministering to the Lord under Eli. The word of the Lord … Read the rest