09Mar A funeral well celebrated; sad, emotional, beautiful, with an abundance of love

Tony Flannery writes of his experience of a funeral celebrated with love and dignity.
"God was just as surely present there today, not just in the host and the wine, but in the gathering of the people, and the way in which they surrounded the mourners with love. "
"It was sad, it was emotional, but it was also at some deep, mysterious level, beautiful.
Sometimes it is good to be part of this too often broken Church. Today was one of those days."

We extend our sympathy to all of Tadhg Mc Donnell's family and friends, especially his wife Kathleen, and sons John and Patrick.
May he rest in peace.

09Mar 09/March 2016. Wednesday, Week 4 of Lent

1st Reading: Isaiah 49:8-15

God promises the exiles, “You’ll be a sign of salvation!”

Thus says the Lord: ‘In a time of favour I have answered you, on a day of salvation I have helped you; I have kept you … Read the rest