19Mar Gabriel Daly, The Church: Always in Need of Reform

We regularly receive recommendations that Gabriel Daly’s The Church: Always in Need of Reform should receive as much publicity as possible.

We have already carried a review of Gabriel’s book; see link below.


We also carried an article dealing with the theme of reform and Gabriel’s thoughts on the matter as expressed in his book and in talks he has given.


Paddy Ferry refers us to a recent interview with Gabriel broadcast on RTE radio.

The Leap of Faith RTÉ Radio 1

Paddy said ” I came across this interview with Fr. Daly on RTE Radio 1 tonight on my car radio as I was driving home . I had never heard Gabriel Daly speak before — at least I can’t remember ever hearing him speak — and I found his language, as he made his points, very simple but very convincing. I thought people would like to hear it –it only last about 10 minutes .”

6 Responses

  1. Joe O'Leary

    “So why aren’t they being listened to? I don’ understand.” Neither do I. This refusal of all dialogue, discussion, consultation, and thought is simply suicidal.

  2. sara

    Read the book. It is very good. I have passed it onto my parish priest who is an Augustinian. My friend is also waiting to read it. It is difficult to obtain in the uk. I got mine from bookdepository.com who will email you when it is available.

  3. Paddy Ferry

    I tried Amazon on Saturday but they don’t have it. Kennys in Galway, where I got Tony’s “A Question of Conscience”, will be my next port of call.

  4. Mattie Long

    The following indicate that they have this book available





  5. Padraig McCarthy

    The RTE interview with Gabriel Daly on The Leap of Faith is on the programme of 18 March (not 11 March):


  6. Paddy Ferry

    Padraig, that confused me too. I actually listened to the interview on the night of 18 March. I get an excellent RTE radio reception over here on my car radio — only on my car radio. Then when I went onto the RTE site, the link was dated 11 March. Great interview though ….

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