04Apr 04 /04, 2016. The Annunciation of the Lord

(Normally celebrated on 25th March, which was Good Friday this year)

1st Reading: Isaiah 7:10-14; 8:10

King Ahaz refuses to ask a sign of the Lord; Isaiah promises a child to be called Immanuel

Again the Lord spoke to Ahaz, … Read the rest

04Apr ‘Fundamentalists are people who don’t understand poetry.’

Seamus Ahearne reflects on recent events and points to the need for real leadership in society and also a need for courageous leaders in church.
Faced by events like Brussels and Lahore, with the seas becoming ‘insatiable cemeteries’ for those fleeing war he asks 'Where will the needed leadership come from? Who will create the map that we need?
In church Seamus tells us 'Theology is full of poetic mystery but we were satisfied with crude prose for years and it passed as orthodoxy. It became official and those who stepped outside such thinking were condemned. The New Missal is a monument to fundamentalists who knew nothing of a living God or Grace. Their Liturgy was solemn, static and ignored the incarnation.'
Seamus concludes, 'Politicians. Church people. Educationalists. Trade-unionists. Society. All need to begin to learn humbly how to live out the Proclamation; the Gospel; the challenge of being a grown up nation and an adult Catholic. There is much to do.'